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WATER-BEE will centre on the development of an Intelligent ZigBee-enabled agricultural irrigation system, which will greatly enhance the efficiency of existing irrigation systems.

WATER-BEE will consist of a series of sensors that will measure soil water content (or potential), environmental parameters that influence evapotranspiration, and possibly indicators of crop development or physiological status and will then send the data gathered from these sensors across a low cost, low power consumption ZigBee wireless sensor network.
These sensors will be effectively distributed over the cultivated area, given that different areas of the field (or fields) will have different water requirements.
The sensors will monitor the above mentioned parameters and will send readings across a Zigbee mesh network to a GPRS gateway which will send all this data to a central location (PC, laptop, PDA) which will then use an intelligent software application to automatically analyse the data and act upon it by selectively activating irrigation nodes only in the areas required.
This data will be fed into an intelligent software package that will use intelligent agents in order to act upon the information they are receiving from the sensors.

The WATER-BEE system should fulfil the following performance objectives, in order to ensure its widespread uptake by SME growers and irrigators:

•The system should be easy to deploy and run, as well as facilitate irrigation scheduling tasks.

•The system should be modular and flexible.

•The system design should be sufficiently robust, reliable and secure.

•The system should be cost effective enough to ensure its widespread uptake by SME farmers.

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WATER-BEE monitoring from home