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Water is a precious resource and fundamental for the sustainability of life.
Due to the growing world population and industrial development, our need and use of fresh water continues to increase, and regional water shortages are expected to become prevalent in the coming years.

In the face of mounting uncertainty and threats posed by droughts, climate change, pollution and toxic residues, water overuse and wastage, there is a huge need to foment sustainable practices across the board when it comes to water usage and to prevent water wastage.

Agriculture is the largest industry in the world; however it also poses one of the biggest threats to the environment. According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), agriculture wastes 60% or 1,500 trillion litres, of the 2,500 trillion litres of water it uses each year- which is 70% of the world‟s accessible water. One of the main culprits is inefficient water irrigation systems.

There is a real and urgent need to improve the efficiency, performance and ease of operation of irrigation scheduling; this would have a major impact in terms of cost savings (labour and water costs), improved product quality and yield, and in the protection of biodiversity by maintaining water quality and flows rates in surface and ground waters.

A dramatic increase in the uptake of scientific scheduling is needed and this would be greatly facilitated by a self-contained, automated scheduling system that could be operated without the need for the grower go though complex calculations and decision-making processes.
To this end, the SME proposers of this project, comprising a balanced and integral consortium of SMEs from the horticulture industry, as well SME manufacturers of irrigation equipment, wireless sensor networks, etc., have come together in order to address the barriers to the uptake of improved technology by greatly simplifying the process of irrigation scheduling and by improving confidence in the measurement technology.

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