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News 2010

Second WATER-BEE Installation

Date: 4th week of January 2010

A second installation trial of the WATER-BEE system will be installed in a plastic tunnel in Chadwick Mushroom Farm Ltd. (CMF). The system will be controlling the growth of a tomato crop and will consist of 4 Sensor Nodes reading soil moisture, temperature and humidity values and one Gateway.

Other WATER-BEE Installations

Date: from April until September 2010

Other WATER-BEE Installation trials systems will be installed and tested in the facilities of other SMEs in the WATER-BEE consortium such as Oü Seedri Nursery (SEEDRI) in Estonia, OSV Srl in Italy and Laqua Treatment AB (LAQUA) in Sweden.

the Water-bee Project from PBS News, Malta.

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