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Algorithms for Processing the Data and Control System

The aim of this workpackage is to build a WATER-BEE Intelligent software application. The intelligent software will be based on fuzzy logic, a tool that will allow us to simplify the complex problem of modeling the relationship between the various parameters that affect crop growth using approximations.The algorithms for processing the data from the sensors will be developed, as well as the control strategies. This software application will incorporate the latest developments in artificial intelligence in order to ensure that the system is as reliable and autonomous as possible, as well as easy to use and interpret by the operator/grower. The system will be controlled by Intelligent Agent-based Software that will empower WATER-BEE with its own intelligence and self-learning features so that the system can operate autonomously. In terms of self-learning capabilities, every so often, the user may have to input (manually) some feedback to the system. The system will take this information and possibly adjust its reasoning for the next cycle. In addition, the system will enable the grower to remotely monitor the performance of WATER-BEE, and to carry out any control commands.

D5.1 Report on the WATER-BEE Agent Architecture

D5.2 Prototype WATER-BEE Intelligent Multi Agent Family

D5.3 Report on Machine Learning Capacity

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