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seventh framework programme

The WATER-BEE project officially started on 1st Oct. 2008.
The Kick Off Meeting was held in Castelldefels, Barcelona
on 20th and 21st October and was hosted by
Innovació i Recerca Industrial i Sostenible IRIS SL.

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The WATER-BEE project will develop a prototype of an intelligent, flexible, easy-to-use but accurate irrigation scheduling system at an affordable cost that takes advantage of recent technological advances in wireless networking (ZigBee), environmental sensors and improvements in crop modelling.

Soil sensors are placed at different depths to measure the water content at different root levels; this data is then combined with other appropriate environmental data, such as historical and forecast meteorological data.

Intelligent software will process the information and then control irrigation events to precisely match the needs of the crop. Moreover, the data collected is sent wirelessly to a computer in the office where decisions can be taken, either by the intelligent software or the grower.

WATER-BEE is a 2 year R+D project that is being funded by the EC’s Seventh Framework Programme under “Research for SMEs”.

Click to view a short news clip about the Water-bee Project from PBS News, Malta.

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